PSA Payroll - Distributions: How to add multi-account distribution for pay data

How to add multi-account distribution for pay data

If an employee has a pay item that needs to be distributed among two or more expense accounts you must set up the Pay Item in the Pay Data Tab of the Employee's page as follows:

  1. Add the Pay Description, Hours/Units, Rate, Pay Period Amount or Annual Amount in the Employee Pay Data Tab as usual. (see image below)
  2. Click the Use Distribution checkbox at the very right of the line. (see image above) This will take you right to the distribution page. If it does not, click the Distribution button at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Enter the Gross Pay Expense Accounts and their corresponding Percentages. (see image below); make sure the distribution for these accounts has been entered.
    • The software automatically distributes the employee’s pay to those gross pay Expense Accounts each time payroll is processed.

An Example

You have a custodian who works for both the school (%25) and the church (75%). He or she is expensed from two different accounts, one for the school, one for the church.

Add the Pay Item on the Pay Data Page and mark the Use Distribution box. Then, enter each expense account and the percentage of the salary for each. (e.g., 75% of is salary should be booked to the church account, while 25% of his salary should be booked to the school account). This helps ensure that salary expenses are distributed appropriately during each pay cycle. 

Note: The Account field remains empty on the display, but the Use Distribution checkbox remains checked.

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