PSA L&P - Journal Entry: How to correct a transaction which is dated in a previous period

How to Correct a Transaction which is dated in a Previous Period

Note: Both options below will have an effect on account balances and report amounts.

Option 1

A journal entry can be created to move the transaction from the wrong account to the correct account.

  • You cannot make changes to journal entries, bills, deposits created in a previous period but, you can create a new journal entry, provided your role is Church Administrator, using a date in a previous period. If the transaction uses a date of a previous period you may wish to rerun your monthly reports to reflect the change.
  • Permission to enter a journal entry in a previous period may be restricted.


Option 2

Have the period reopened and reopen the bank reconciliation (if necessary). Make the correction then reconcile the bank account and re-close the period.

  • If you are part of a diocese you will need to have the diocese reopen the period and the bank reconciliation. Independent churches must contact Support for this service.
  • You may wish to rerun your monthly reports to reflect the change.

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