PSA Payroll - Setup: (3) Enter Pay Items

Enter Pay Items


Use the Pay Item screen to define the categories that may be included in an employee's pay. Some examples include salary, housing allowance, mileage, wages, reimbursements, etc. The Pay Item Description will be on the Employee's Pay Stub.

Pay Items are categorized by Taxable, Non-Taxable or Clergy

Taxable Pay Items include Lay Employee Salary Items

Non-Taxable Pay Items include Allowances, Reimbursements, Mileage, etc.

Clergy Pay Item Types accumulate wages that are subject to Federal and State income tax withholding. However, because withholding for Social Security and Medicare is typically not calculated for employees in this group, you should disable withholding for Social Security & Medicare taxes.

Default Check Sequence

If you want the employee to get only one check through the payroll process, use 1 for the Default Check Sequence for every Pay Item. If you want one or more of the Pay Items to be on a separate check (mileage reimbursement, for example), use the next sequential number for each one you want on its own check.

Default Gross Pay Account

If each employee with the same Pay Item will have the same Gross Pay Account, you may add the account in the Pay Item screen. If not, leave it blank here and add it when you set up each employee.

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