PSA L&P - Entity: The entity is not showing at Year End Processing

When I pull up my Permanently Restricted Net Asset account I’m showing the account has a balance. However, when I click to Process → Year End Close, this Permanently Restricted Net Asset account does not display. Why not?

The only time any Net Asset Account will display in the Year End Close Process is if there are active Income and/or Expense Accounts for this Entity.

The reason for linking a Net Asset Account to its Entity is because the Year-End Process takes the Beginning Balance for that Entity's Net Asset Account, adds all that Entity's Income and subtracts all that Entity's Expenses to calculate the Net Asset Account's beginning balance for the next year. If there are no Income or Expense Accounts, there is no calculation.

 Example: There is a Permanently Restricted net Asset Account with a balance of 10,000. The Account Code is N-8-100-20; There are no active accounts that begin with I-8-... or with E-8-... When you click on Year End Close, you will not see Entity 8 listed at all, let alone its Net Asset Account.


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