PSA L&P - Accounts: How to use shortcuts

How to use shortcuts

  • Shortcut codes are like an "alias" or "nickname" for an account.
  • They provide an easy reference number for data entry.
  • To be useful, shortcut codes must have a logical connection to the long account code
  • Shortcut codes can be a combination of alpha-numeric characters and are limited to 20 characters.  A period is also allowed. Do not use any other special characters.
  • The same shortcut code may not be used for more than one account

For example:

Long account code:I-1-2-55-66

Shortcut code:1255.66P

How to change the shortcut code  

  • You may only change the shortcut code if you have permission to edit accounts. You will know if the field is not grayed out.
  • Go to the Accounts screen
  • Find the account you want to edit
  • Change the shortcut.  
  • Click Submit.

Will changing the shortcut affect the data?

No. The software has a UIC (unique identifying code) for each account that is invisible to users. The UIC allows users to make changes to the Accounts screen without losing the transactions posted to the account. 

For instance, you have a shortcut code 257 that you want to change to 257.00P. Account 257 has a $2,083 balance which is comprised of 7 transactions, when you change the shortcut code to 257.00P, the $2,083 balance and the 7 transactions will be in the new shortcut/account.

Original shortcut and related transactions


New shortcut and related transactions



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