PSFS Religious Ed - Classes & Sessions | Roster: How to remove a student from a class

When you follow these steps to remove a student from a class, the student will no longer be on the roster and the historical attendance information for this student will also be removed. To learn how to remove a student from class while saving the historical attendance information, click here.

How to remove a student from a class

  1. Select Classes & Sessions from the Navigation Bar.
  2. Use the filters at the top of the page to locate the class from which you want to remove the student.
  3. Click the Class name.
  4. Click the to the far right of the student's name you want to remove:
  5. Click the radio button for Remove from class:
  6. Click confirm.

Note: Attendance records for this student/this class will not be available after the student has been removed using this option. 


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