Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration From ParishSOFT Desktop: Step #4

Step #4: Your migrated data is ready for review!

When the migration of your data is complete, you will receive an email with your login information.

Your data will be placed in a read-only format for review. 

While we complete intensive internal QA checks throughout the process, it is important for you to verify the information is appearing as expected on your end as well.

To guide you through the review and validation of your data in the ParishSOFT Family Suite you will be presented with an instructional walkthrough when you first log in.  If you would prefer, you can use the links below to access the Data Validation Checklist and Video.

Data Validation Checklist

Data Validation Checklist Video

You may have one or more reports attached to this email surrounding the migration of your data to the ParishSOFT Family Suite. You will find a guide to these reports using the link below.

ParishSOFT Family Suite Migration Reports Overview

Once you are satisfied with your migration, use the "Click Here to Accept Your Data" button in the Step #4 email your received to accept your data migration.

If you have questions or issue with your migration please reply back to the Step #4 email with your questions.  Please give a few specific examples of the question or issue you are having.  If there are multiple questions or issues, please send them in separate emails.

If you would like to read all the steps in the Migration Process, the link is the Migration Steps document link below:

ParishSOFT Family Suite Migration Steps


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