PSA Payroll - Setup: (4.0) Manage Deductions and Benefits

Manage Deductions and Benefits

To access the Deduction/Benefits List, go into Payroll, Setup, Deduction/Benefit List.

How are they used?

Use the Deductions/Benefits screen shown below to define any line item taken from an employee's pay such as Health Insurance, 403(b), Garnishment, etc. Later, when setting up Account Distributions, you must specify a liability and/or expense account link for all Deduction/Benefit items on each gross pay account.

  • There are a few Deductions/Benefits provided by the system. These may not be edited.
  • Other Deductions/Benefits may be added and honed to meet your own needs. 

How to add them for use

To add additional Deduction/Benefits, select the Add a New Deduction/Benefit from Template link as shown on the screen above circled in orange. The software creates a copy of the item you selected and assigns it the next available Code number. (Codes 1-10 are reserved for System Deductions/Benefits). You will then find it at the end of the Deduction/Benefit List. You may click the Edit button to modify the item's details. See the second image below.

Besides the information found right on the screen shown below, you may find additional details in the online user guide linked at the beginning of this article.

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