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How to fix a bill when the wrong bank account or A/P account was selected

If the wrong AP/Checking Account was selected when adding the bill or the wrong Checking Account was selected when Printing the Check:

As long as you have not created the checks in the Print Checks Process and the bill date is in the current accounting period, you may go back to the bill and edit it to correct the account.

Even though you did not print your checks, if you get to the screen with the Print Selected button at the bottom, the checks have been "created."

Once the checks have been created for the wrong account, what you do next depends on your permissions. To determine the options available to you, go into Checks, and use Find Check to bring up one of the checks.

If there is a delete button at the bottom of the screen, you may delete each check created against the wrong account, modify the bill or check for the correct account and initiate the print checks process all over again (or use the Assign Check Number link if the check has already been cut).

If there is not a delete button, but there is a void button at the bottom of the screen, you must void the check making a copy of the original bill. Note: Do not void a check that has the bank account as a line item. 

If you never actually printed these checks, you may change the check numbers on the Print Selected screen (then submit the changes by clicking Print Selected) so they don't waste your check numbers. We recommend changing them to numbers with alpha characters such as V9449. This will update the check number of the checks you are voiding to have a prefix of V, freeing up the real check numbers for the corrected account check run.

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