PSFS Religious Ed - Classes & Sessions | Roster: How to unenroll a student from a class

When a student is unenrolled from a class, the student is no longer on the roster but the historic attendance records are available through reports. This option may be used when you want to move a student to a new class after the semester has begun and you don't want to lose the attendance records. In that case, it is a two-step process:

1) Unenroll the student from one class.

2) Add the student to another class.


How to unenroll a student from a class

  1. Select Classes & Sessions on the Navigation Panel:
  2. Use the filters to help find the class:
  3. Click on the class name
  4. Find the student's name and click the x to the far right of the name:
  5. A pop-up window displays.
    • Mark the radio button for Unenroll student on...
    • Update the date removed if different from the one listed.
    • Add a note (optional) that explains the reason for removal:
  6. Click the Confirm button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

Note: Currently the attendance history will not show when records are removed (they exist but are hidden at the moment). Soon there will be a way to see the attendance records of students who have been removed from a class in this manner.


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