PSFS Religious Ed - Quick Start: How to take attendance

How to take attendance

To learn how to navigate through the application, please see How to navigate the Religious Education module. There you will learn how to access the various pages and learn about the available tools.

If your Religious Education Module has not been moved from our legacy software or converted from another third-party application, but instead you are starting fresh with no data, please first see the following building blocks article: How to get started in Religious Education when you are starting from scratch.

Click here for a Quick Start Guide on How to get an attendance sign-in sheet or a blank attendance sheet.

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  • All legacy data such as Classes and Students are populated.  
  • If your class has no meeting dates or is not affiliated with a session, you cannot take attendance for the class.
  • Only members added to the Family Directory can be selected when adding a new student. Also, see How to enroll a student to a class through the Attendance page.
  • When recording attendance, if most students are present, click the Mark All→ Present option then mark the (x) option for only the absent students. *Can also do it the other way if most students are absent.
  • If an 'absent' student shows up, may change the attendance status to present, and then (if you keep minute details) you can click the down caret to the right of the word 'Present' and select 'Tardy.'
  • Once you record attendance for this date and student, there is no way to unrecord the attendance record that existed when you first entered the attendance page.  Although, you can change from Present to Absent and also change from Absent to Excused or from Present to Tardy by clicking the attendance status down caret and selecting from those options.


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