PSA L&P - Bill Pay: How to search for and create "Bill Pay" Checks

How to search for and create "Bill Pay" Checks

  1. Click Payments.
  2. In the Payment Options section, select Bill Pay.
  3. From the Bank Account list, select the desired bank account.2019-06-06_16-43-46.jpg
  4. Once you select an account the Beginning Check Number field will show the check number for the check you are creating.  Bills to be paid are listed at the bottom of the page.  Select the bills to be paid by selecting the checkbox for each bill in the Pay column.2019-06-11_13-20-49.jpg
  5. The Total dollar amount of the selected bills will show in the Total field above/left.2019-06-11_13-23-34.jpg
  6. Once you've selected your bills you have two options:
    • To pay all selected bills in their entirety, click Preview Checks.2019-06-11_16-47-10.jpg
      You will then have the option to Create File which will create a file to upload to the bank (see step 8 below).2019-06-11_17-02-21.jpg
    • To make a partial payment for a bill:
      1. Click Edit in the pay column for a bill.
      2. Edit the Pay Amount field to show the amount to be paid.  Then click Save.  The Pay Amount field will then show the partial payment amount.2019-06-11_17-12-16.jpg
      3. Click Preview Checks.
  7. Preview your checks to make sure that the amounts are correct.  Then, one of the following:
    • If all check amounts are correct, click Create File.
    • If any check amount is not correct, click Checks to return to the Create Checks page and edit the amount.
  8. Click the Save button (image) on the toolbar at the top of the viewer.  In the Save As dialog box, rename the file and then save it to your local computer or server. 
  9. Click Done.  You will then upload the saved file to the JPMorgan/Chase website that you set up for to use Bill Pay.2019-06-12_15-40-16.jpg

Note: If you do not have a JPMorgan/Chase account you will need to check with your bank to see if they will accept the file that is created.



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