PSA Payroll - Payroll Process: How to close a payroll

How to close a payroll

  • Before closing a payroll, make sure all information is correct.
  • You may not create a new payroll until the prior payroll is closed.
  • If you closed the prior payroll prematurely and need to add another employee, you must create a new payroll for just that employee. Use the same payroll dates. 
  • Or if you find a check is incorrect on a closed payroll and the check has not been distributed, you must void it and create a new payroll to generate the corrected check. (if the payroll has not been closed, you may generate the replacement check from within the same payroll).


  1. To close a payroll, go to Payroll Process and select the open payroll.
  2. Click the link for 9) Close Payroll.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Once a payroll is closed, it shows the word (Closed) in the Payroll Process screen. 



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