PSA L&P - Projects: How to change a Project's Project Group

How to change a Project Group

  1. First, make sure that the Project Group you want to change to exists.  Go to Setup.
  2. In Setup go to Project Groups.
  3. Search for the Project Group you wish to use.
    • If you cannot locate the Project Group you want, you will need to create it.
    • To create a new Project Group hit New Record, fill out the Description and project code, and then hit Submit.2019-06-27_15-44-41.jpg
  4. Now that you have your Project Group go to Setup.
  5. Click on Projects.
  6. Look up the project you wish to Update (Option A or B will help you to locate it).2019-06-27_15-02-44.jpg
  7. Once you've selected your project, click on the drop-down menu for Project Group and select the group you wish to change the project too.2019-06-27_15-50-03.jpg
  8. Click Submit.


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