Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration From ParishSOFT Desktop: Step #5

Step # 5 Your migrated database has been accepted!

It’s now time to begin using the ParishSOFT Family Suite for your day-to-day work!

We set you up with full administrative access for your parish. Your login credentials will be the same as they were for your review.

As the administrator, these credentials allow you to set up logins and manage permissions for parish staff in the ParishSOFT system. Please note as a part of the migration process any staff assignments that migrated had their Grant Login access removed.  You will want to review and update these staff assignments as necessary. Below is a short 7-minute video that will assist you in the process of managing and adding staff assignments.

ParishSOFT Family Suite Adding Staff & Managing Permissions

If you and your staff have not yet signed up to use our PATHFinder Learning System, now is the time to do so. This online learning system will allow you each to complete a set of courses based on your individual training needs, at a time and pace that fits your schedules. The PATHFinder courses will help you be more confident and effective in navigating your new system and using it to support your ministry.

To sign-up and register for PATHFinder use the link below

PATHFinder Self-Signup & Registration

If you have already registered for the Pathfinder Learning System you will use the username and password you created at the site below.

You should now have everything you need to begin using the ParishSOFT Family Suite in your parish. Should you have any questions or issues once you begin using the system, our Customer Support team would be happy to assist you. You may contact them using the link below.

Get Support

We are confident as you become more familiar with your new software it will help you be more effective in your ministry. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, it has been a pleasure.

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