PSA L&P - Journal Entry: How to recreate a deleted voiding journal entry

How to recreate a deleted voiding journal entry

You need to recreate a voiding entry that was deleted in error.

When a check is voided, the software automatically creates a voiding journal entry which reverses the original transaction. Sometimes this entry is deleted in error. If you voided a check then deleted the voiding entry, the check will show "voided" on the find check screen. However, the transaction will no longer be reversed since the reversing entry is missing.

To determine how to recreate the voiding entry, look at the original transaction to see what accounts were used; then create a journal entry reversing the transaction as follows:

  • Use the date of the void
  • Debit the cash account (which was credited when the check was written)
  • Credit the expense account(s) (which was debited when the check was written) 




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