PSA L&P - Reports: A transaction is not showing on Statement of Activities

A transaction is not showing on the Statement of Activities

When you note a transaction is missing from your Statement of Activities, check the following:

Go to the transaction screen (bills, checks, deposits, journal entry) and use the Find Transaction function. If the transaction is not found, but you think you entered it, check the audit.

You can search by the transaction number. If the transaction number is found and matches the area such as bills, checks, receipts, etc., you may have entered the transaction, but it did not get fully recorded. Click the link to find out how to handle that situation.

If you find the transaction, verify the date falls in the time period of your report. Verify the account number used is correct.

If you do not find it in the audit report, the transaction you were looking for has not been submitted and therefore it would not show on the report.  You must reenter the transaction. 


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