PSDio Admin - Family Merge: Why there are families pending in the merge queue after 24 hours

Why there are families pending in the merge queue after 24 hours

This article is to address users' concerns about pending merges in the merge queue for ParishSOFT. In ParishSOFT, the merge process takes place in an overnight process, and this process runs on a schedule that ensures it does not interfere with user performance. That schedule is set and the overnight process stops before business hours; this can cause some families not to be merged the first night. Below are pictures of what this looks like and next steps for you to take.


Here is an example of a merge being put in the system and it still appearing as pending the next day. 


If you hover over the pending status, you will see the following message, alerting you to contact support if it has been more than 3 days in the pending status. 


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