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How to promote a student(s) (add the student(s) to another class)

When a student is promoted to a class, the student simply gets added to the new class. The student is still listed on the original class roster and the attendance records are still available. The student is also now listed on the new class roster.   

  • This feature is used to promote students to the next grade.
  • It is also used to copy students from one class to another such as copying the 8th grade Sunday School class to Confirmation Prep.

Prep: When *using this feature to promote students from one grade to another at the end of the school year, the first step is to create a new term

Prep: *Then copy the sessions. It is important to do this before you get to the next step.

Prep: *Now you may copy your classes from the prior term to the new term.



How to promote students from one class/grade to the next or copy the students to another class

  1. Select Classes & Sessions from the Navigation Bar:
  2. Select a class by clicking on the class name:
  3. Select the students to promote.
    1. To select one student, click the checkbox to the left of that student's name.
    2. To select all students, click the checkbox in the column header to the left of the word Name:
  4. Click the Promote/Transfer button:
  5. Leave the default radio button for Promotion marked:
  6. Select the correct *new term, session, and class:
  7. Unmark the box to 'Move up a grade' if this is simply a copy as described in the prior bullet. *Make sure the box next to 'Move up a grade' is marked if you want the student's grade to be incremented at the same time as is usually the case at year-end promotion
  8. Click Save.

Note: When using this feature to copy one class to another in the same term (8th grade Sunday School → Confirmation Prep, for example), select the same term you are copying from.



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