Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration from ParishSOFT Desktop: Reports Overview

Migration Reports Overview

The Migration of your data to ParishSOFT Family Suite may have resulted in one or more migration reports.  Below is a description of each of the potential reports and the information they contain. 

Duplicate Envelope Report

This report lists envelope numbers that were duplicated in the desktop database. These envelope numbers were removed from ParishSOFT Family Suite.  The report lists the following:

  • If the envelope is associated with a Family or Member
  • The Family or Member ID
  • The owner organization of the record
  • The first name(s) and last name of the family or member

Family Duplicate DioUniqueID Report

This report lists families, members, or addresses that were duplicated in the parish desktop database.  While these records may have shown multiple times in the desktop screen or reports, they will only display once in the ParishSOFT screen.

Bad Birth Dates Removed Report

This report displays birth dates that are either before 1-1-1900 or after the date your migration was started.

Bad Death Dates Removed Report

This report displays death dates from the Member screen that are either before the member’s birth date or after the date your migration was started.

Conversion Count Report

This report displays the raw counts of records in the desktop Access database and the ParishSOFT Family Suite database.  The term conversion is used because the process is converting data from the desktop Access database into the ParishSOFT SQL database.  It is expected that the numbers in this report may not match.

Some reason for these counts to be different may be:

Records are duplicated in the parish database but only show up once in ParishSOFT

  • A record may have been previously moved from one organization to another in the desktop but the record didn't fully process; further attempts to move the data into the new parish succeeded. This may have caused multiple records with the same DioUniqueID to be in the parish database. Even so, they will only show one time in ParishSOFT Family Suite.

Families without members or members without a family can cause a difference in the numbers

  • You won’t see a member that doesn’t have a family in the desktop side, but you will see them in the Member List within ParishSOFT Family Suite.
  • If you have a Family without a member, ParishSOFT Family Suite will create the member record; this will cause a difference in member counts.

Map records may be either duplicated or missing in the AIM database

  • Because the parish database does not use the map records, there is the possibility the raw data count from the Access database could reflect records that validly may no longer appear for that organization in ParishSOFT Family Suite. We do not use the desktop software user interface to pull the counts used in the report; counts are pulled directly from the Access database.
  • If there are missing map records in Families, Members, Sac General Info, or Addresses, records may either not appear in ParishSOFT Family Suite or may error when the record is opened.
    • Duplicate map records in any of the areas listed above can cause records to display multiple times in ParishSOFT Family Suite that were only visible once in the desktop application.


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