PSDio Admin - Family Merge: What to do with failed merges

What to do with failed merges

This article is to help users with failed merges in the ParishSOFT Family Merge Tool. In the event of a failed merge, you will want to identify the records and report it to ParishSOFT Support, details on how to specifically report this can be found below. 

  1. Here is what the failed merges in the queue would look like:

  2. If you click on the 'Failed' hyperlink then you will be able to view the 'Error Report' detailing the reason for the fail. There will be a lot of information that may not make sense to you, that's okay, this message is more for support.

  3. For any Failed merges, you will want to submit a ticket to support. To help us assist you please title the email 'Failed Merges in Queue' and then in the body of the email just copy and paste the error report. Please see below for details:


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