Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration from Other Software: Step #3


You are now on Step #3 of your Data Conversion

We have received your online data conversion checklist and you are now ready to submit your data for conversion.  Once you have submitted your data, do not make any changes in your current software system.  Any changes made after submitting your data will not be in your data conversion to ParishSOFT Family Suite.

In the Step #3 email you received, there are instructions on how to place your data on a secured FTP site.  Once there, our conversion team will retrieve your data and let you know if we have any questions.

If you're not sure where your actual data is stored in your current software, follow the link below to see the typical location or extraction method for several common software programs.  If you do not see your software listed, contact customer support for your current software.

Typical Data Location or Data Export

Once you have your data backed up or exported successfully, you will upload it to our secure ftp site that was sent to you in the Step #3 email.  If you need further assistance you can see the instructions below for uploading your data.

Uploading your data backup or export for conversion

Training for the ParishSOFT Family Suite

Now is the time to sign-up and register for our PATHFinder Learning System using the link below.  Please contact us for the Code Word if you have not received it already.  You can reach out by email at

PATHFinder Self-Signup & Registration

PathFinder is an online learning system will allow all staff to complete a set of courses based on their individual training needs, at a time and pace that fits their schedules. Training makes your migration to new software and your day-to-day work more efficient and enjoyable, so we recommend that your staff register and start training right away.

Each staff member should register and create their own login to the PATHFinder learning system login.  Be sure that at least one person in your organization takes training for each program module in the Family Suite that you have purchased.

Once you have registered to the PATHFinder learning system, please use the link below to log in.

If you would like to read all the steps in the Conversion Process, click the Conversion Steps document link below:

ParishSOFT Family Suite Conversion Steps


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