PSA L&P - Bill Pay: How to enable Bill Pay

How to enable Bill Pay

The Bill Pay feature allows you to pay bills electronically from within the Accounting system.  It can replace the need to write physical checks for goods and services, replacing with secure, electronic checks.

Things to know about Bill Pay:

  • Once you enable Bill Pay, you will now have the option when creating a check to either generate an e-check using Bill Pay or a physical check.
  • If you choose Bill Pay, it will direct all Bill Pay enabled bank accounts to generate a file for uploading rather than printing a check from the Checks page.
  • Bill Pay uses JPMorgan/Chase & Co for processing.  To use Bill Pay, you will need to create a JPMorgan/Chase & Co account or your bank will need to accept the format that JPMorgan Chase uses.
  • You must activate Bill Pay before you can use it.  It can be a one or two-step process depending on the type of organization you're in.
  • You still enter information via the Payments tab, where it is converted into an electronic payment. 
  • The software keeps track of what is paid with e-Checks and what is paid with physical checks.  The software assigns check numbers that are included in the file that is sent to the bank.
  • You can create a file that can be saved to your system and then uploaded to your financial institution. A history file is also created in case you need to use it for reference or to resolve any disputes.
  • The Bill Pay service is for bill payments only.  It cannot be used to create Payroll Checks. 

To Enable Bill Pay

  1. Log in to your organization.
  2. Select the Church Manager tab.
  3. Click Options to display the Organization Options page.
  4. In the Bill Pay section, select the option to Enable Bill Pay.  Note: You will only see the Bill Pay option if it has been enabled by a higher-level organization.  If you do not see this option then Contact your Diocese if you are part of one.  For those outside a Diocese, contact ParishSOFT Support.
  5. Click Submit to enable Bill Pay for the Organization.




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