PSFS Religious Ed - Classes & Sessions | Roster: How to transfer a student to another class

When a student is transferred to another class, the student is unenrolled in the original class and added to the new class. The attendance record in the original class is saved, and the student is no longer listed on the original class roster. The student's name will display on the class details page, but with a line through the name indicating they are no longer enrolled.


How to transfer a student to another class

  1. Select Classes & Sessions from the Navigation Bar:
  2. Click on the class link where the student is currently on the roster:
  3. Select the student by marking the checkbox to the left of their name:
  4. Click the Promotion/Transfer button above the student list grid at the right:
  5. Click the Transfer radio button (top/left):
  6. Select the correct values for the new class (Term, Session, Class) and if applicable, leave the option marked to move up a grade. If this is not the case, unmark this option. *'Move up a grade' increments the student's grade in the Religious Education Module. This is independent of the class they are in. Click Save:


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