PSA Payroll- Payroll process: How to ensure an employee is listed in the payroll process

How to ensure a new employee is listed in the payroll process

There are a couple of things to look at when an employee is not available in the Payroll Process.

  1. Make sure the employee is marked as active, and
  2. Make sure the employee has been added to the correct Pay Group and that this Pay Group is the one you are processing.



To show in the payroll process the employee must be marked as active in the employee record.

To mark the employee as active, go to Payroll → Employee → select the employee → Employee Cust.

  • Simply mark the Active box and submit. 




Make sure the employee is enrolled in the correct Pay Group.

Go to Payroll → Employee → select the employee → Pay Data and select the Pay Group from the dropdown.



When you process payroll, either keep the default Pay Group, "All Groups" or select the one to which the employee belongs.

This is found in Payroll → Process Payroll → Select Employee.

  • The image at the top shows the results when all pay groups are included.
    • In this case, there is only one employee and that employee is in the group called Salary. There are no employees in the Hourly group, so only one employee shows up even when all groups are selected.
    • The image at the bottom shows the results when a pay group is selected and no active employees are in that group.




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