PSA Payroll - Employee: How to delete a pay item

How to delete a pay item

If a pay item is no longer needed for an employee, it can be removed from the employee's Pay Data tab. The pay item can be removed even if it has been used on prior paychecks. 

To delete the Pay Item in the Employee Pay Data tab:

Go to Payroll → Employees → Find the employee → Pay Data → click the X next to the Pay Item line item to be deleted. 




To delete the Pay Item in Setup

Go to Payroll → Setup → Pay Item → Quick Find (use the drop-down arrow to find the pay item to delete) → Find Item. 

  • If a pay item has never been used on a paycheck and is not currently listed on any employee's Pay Data tab, a delete button will display at the bottom of the record.

Select Delete

However, if a pay item has been used in a prior payroll or is currently on an employee Pay Data tab, the delete button will not be available. It doesn't hurt to leave it there. 




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