PSA L&P - Bills: How to optimize data entry when using Online Bill Pay

How to optimize data entry when using Online Bill Pay

ParishSOFT Accounting does not have the functionality to interface with an online bill pay system. The following instructions are simply to tell you how to record the payments.

PSA Bill Pay creates a file to send to the bank. The file uses a JPMorgan/Chase template that may or may not be accepted by other banks.

When using Online Bill Pay, the information must be recorded in the accounting software. This requires information to be entered twice, once to pay the bill online and again to record the transaction in Accounting. The following is a list of suggestions to make this process more efficient.

Memorized Bills: Use the Memorize Bill option so you do not need to enter the information and distributions for recurring bills every time you receive a new one.

Assign a Check Number: After you create a new bill from memorized, there is no need to generate a check for those bills paid online. Instead, you may simply assign a check number.

Adding Vendor Distribution: If you choose not to memorize bills, you can still make entering bills more efficient by adding an Account Distribution to your Vendor Setup. When you create a bill for a vendor with a default distribution, the distribution populates the bill grid and allows you to edit amounts or remove distribution accounts that are not pertinent to this bill.



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