PSA L&P - Reports: Dates are not what's expected

Dates are not what's expected

In the Configure Reports screen you will see these options to select a date for a report:


The date range selection in the Configure Report page is always based on the current accounting month. See the image below.

  • If today's date is November 10, 20XX but your current accounting month is July, selecting the option for 'This Month' in the Date Range section will give you July transactions, not November.
  • Also, statements that give totals based on the selected month, will be dated as of the end of the month. If you are running such a statement in the middle of the month, using the report date on the footer of the report will show the exact date the report is run.

How to determine which month is the current accounting month:

The upper right corner of your screen will display the current accounting month.

How to increment the current accounting month:

You may increment your period by clicking on End of Month. Note: When you are in the last period of your fiscal year, you will not close that month but instead select the option to close the year.

Once you have closed each month until your accounting month matches the current month, you may select the option for 'this month' on the Configure Report page, and you will get the current transactions.

Chapter 12 of your User Guide gives excellent detail about Performing End-of-Period Processing. You can find the User Guide on the Ledger & Payables Dashboard.

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