PSG Donors - Managed Giver: How to set up Managed Giver Accounts

How to set up Managed Giver Accounts

"Managed Givers" are a category of givers who entrust the church administrator to oversee their giving accounts. Contributors choose to have Managed Giver Accounts for one of two reasons:

  • They don't have a valid email address
  • They don't want to use their email address to avoid receiving giving software email notifications

Most Managed Giver Accounts are set up with a email format.

The email address used in this field may be invalid, as long as it conforms to the email address format. 

There are two ways to update a Managed Giver Account

  1. Add a gift/donor:
    • Start a new gift using the Virtual Terminal feature.  Here, you must enter in the donor information using the giver's fake email. 
    • Or create a donor account in the donor section also with the fake email.
  2. Edit scheduled/recurring gifts.  You can edit existing gifts at a donor's request.





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