PSA L&P - Projects: How to set up Projects

How to set up Projects

Before adding a project, it is important to think through how you will manage your project and what information you hope to get by using the project.

  • Projects allow you to set and track budgets. 
    • Example: the missions account may have a budget for all missions. A mission project of say, Inner City Trip, may have its own project code and budget.
  • Several projects may be grouped together into one Project Group.
    • Example: the missions account may have several missions during the year 2020. A project may be set up for each and then all put into the Project Group called Missions 2020.
  • Projects may be added to or removed from a transaction at any time, even when no other edits are allowed due to the transaction status.

There is a specific Project Report that may be helpful to determine how project monies have been spent and the remaining budgeted balance. Go to Reports → Project Report.

How to add a Project Group and/or a Project

Note: Always use the Quick Find search before adding a new record to ensure it doesn't already exist.

  • To add a Project Group, go to Setup → Project Group.
  • To add a Project, go to Setup → Projects. When adding a project, you may select the Project Group to which it belongs.


When adding a new project, you may enter the amount you plan/hope to receive (Revenue Budget) and/or spend (Cost Budget) on a particular project. After tracking each project, you may later go back to Reports → Transactions → Projects to compare the budget to the actual revenues and expenses for that project.



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