PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to add a field to a mail merge document

How to add a field to a mail merge document

The following example will take you through the steps of adding a field to a Confirmation Certificate. To first pull up the Confirmation Certificate in Mail Merge, you must go into Family Directory, Sacraments, and search for someone. Make sure the Sacrament Search Field contains the Sacrament whose form you want to edit.

In this example we will add the Sponsor field to the Confirmation Certificate template below the Celebrant field

Step #1: After pulling up the Confirmation Certificate Template, place your cursor under the Celebrant field. Enter Sponsor and leave the cursor at the end of the word as shown below.


Step #2: To add a new field to the template, click the Insert Merge Field option. When the new window opens, use the scroll bar to find the field you wish to insert.


Step #3: Select your field and click Insert. The field will populate right where your cursor was left, just behind the Sponsor field. Formatting the fields works similar to Word, and if the other fields look bold, you may highlight your new field and also make it bold by clicking on the Home Tab and selecting B in the Font section.


Step 4: Exit out of Mail Merge, and you will be prompted to save your new format. You may give it a definitive name and make it available to others by marking Global, then click Save.


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