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How to cancel all scheduled classes for a specific date

To cancel all of the classes that are scheduled for a specific date, use the Attendance module which allows you to filter classes based on a date span.

  1. Select Attendance from the Navigator Bar:
  2. Filter the output to display the class(es) you wish to cancel.
    • For example, if there are several classes that must be canceled on the same date, use the date filter for that date.
  3. Click the class link in the Class column on the left. This will take you to the Students page for the selected class:
  4. Click the Meeting Times tab to display all of the scheduled meeting dates/times for this class and click the x to the right of the class meeting time/date:
  5. Choose between showing the class as canceled (with an optional note) or removing the date completely. Click Confirm.
    • If you choose to remove the date completely, the class will no longer display on the list.
    • If you choose to show the date as canceled, you will see the class on the list with the note you entered:       
  6. Close the 'Meeting Times' page (click x in the upper right) and if necessary, continue with the next class until all classes have been canceled for the selected date.



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