PSA L&P - Checks: How to spoil a check

How to spoil a check

A spoiled check is different than a voided check 

  • A voided check has an amount, a vendor, an account, etc...
  • A spoiled check is a check that was damaged, or for whatever reason, you will never use. 

When can I spoil a check?

  • You must have the appropriate user, account access, and entity-level permissions tied to your login credentials (Assigned by your Church Administrator or your Diocese)
  • You cannot spoil a check that was previously printed. If a check becomes damaged after printing, you must void it.
  • If the check is still showing to be printed in the print check screen you will have to change the check number before spoiling the check.

How do I spoil a check?

Caution Once you spoil a check, you cannot undo it.

1Click on the Process Icon

2.  Then Other Processes. 

3.  Select Spoiled Checks to display the Spoiled Checks page.

Fill out the screen as follows:

  • From the Bank Account drop-down, select the bank account from which the check was issued.

  • By default, the Spoiled Date field shows today’s date. Enter the date the check was damaged in this field.
  • In the Reason field, type an explanation for spoiling the check (Required).
    Note-The explanation you supply appears in the Spoiled Check Register report.
  • In the Spoiled Check Number Range section, enter the number of the spoiled check as follows:
    • If you are spoiling a single check, enter the same number in the From and Through fields.
    • If you are spoiling a series of checks, enter the first check number in the From field and
      the last check number in the Through field.
    • Note - you can't skip numbers in a series.
  • Click Submit.

Information about the spoiled check is added to the Spoiled Check Register report. This report provides details about each spoiled check, including the check number and bank account, the date it was spoiled, and the reason provided for spoiling it. You can find this report on the Reports page in the Transactions group. To get this report go to Reports, Transactions, and the bottom report is the Spoiled Check Register.

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