PSFS Administration - Manage Staff: When you're a new organization administrator at a parish

When you're a new organization administrator at a parish

When you're a new organization administrator (Org Admin) for ParishSOFT Family Suite at a parish you sometimes need to "hit the ground running" and need some help getting started.

Note: These steps are for new administration users at parishes and churches that have already been using ParishSOFT Family Suite for a time.  For organizations that are brand new, please refer to your Implementation emails.

If you do not already have a user login for the software you will need one

  1. Another user at your parish with Admin privileges (Admin) can create a user account for you using the following instructions:
  2. If there are no other Admins at the parish, you will need to speak with the primary contact at your parish in order for them to give permission for a new Admin account to be created.  If you do not know who your parish primary contact is, you can ask ParishSOFT Support who is on file.
  3. If the primary contact and prior Admins at the parish are no longer available, you can have your parish priest write a letter to update the primary contact at the parish and give permission in the letter for a new Admin account to be created.

If you have not been trained in the software, you can find training resources here:

Our PATHFinder training site is available for free to any of our customers who already have a ParishSOFT product.

If you need to remove a prior Admin from the system:

To remove the prior Admin (in the case that they are leaving) you can either end-date their assignment or delete their assignment.


If you have further questions about how to do specific things in Family Suite after going through the Training site, you can contact support for questions or troubleshooting help at 866-930-4774 Ext 2, or you can email




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