Customer Onboarding Individual - Migration From ParishSOFT Desktop: Obtaining Family Directory Counts

Family Directory Counts 

“Registered” Families - In Membership display, choose Registered and All groups. Record the number of records from bottom right corner here _______ and/or on your Family Directory Counts sheet #1

“Both” Families - Same process as above, just choose "Both" & "All groups" in the Membership Display.  Record number. 

“Both” Families in the “Active” Family Group - Same process as above, just change "All Groups" to "Active." Record number. In the case below, 110. *Note: You will use this number for the "Families/Members to receive envelopes" and "Send no mail" calculations below.

Families/Members to Receive Envelopes - 1) Reports  2) Parishsoft reports 3) Census menu 4) Family Filtering and sorting 5) Choose "Both, Envelopes & Active." 7)  Click "Show results." Record that number. 

“Do Not Send Mail” Families - 1) Reports  2) Parishsoft reports 3) Census menu 4) Family Filtering and sorting 

5) Choose "Both, Envelopes & Active."

6) Check the box for "Don't print 'Send no mail' families."

7)  Click "Show results."

8) In the resulting table, record the number of records.  In this case, 109. Record that number on the checklist in the "Send Mail" blank.


Subtract that number from the Total number of families from the "Both" number above. That will give you the number of families who do not want mail. In this case, 111 - 109 = 2 "Do Not Send Mail" Families

Family Workgroups - From the Family Directory screen → Modules → Family and Dynamic Work groups → print the list of each workgroup or export to a CSV.

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