PSA Payroll - Setup: (7.0) Enter Employee Information

Enter Employee Information


Information on entering employee information may also be found in The Payroll User Guide

  • Simply use Ctrl-F and enter a search term or phrase.

Use the Employee Information screen to add new employee records to the Payroll system or to edit existing employee records.

Employee information is organized on a series of nine tabs. The only required tabs are General, Tax Data, and Pay Data. The remaining tabs are either optional or informational.


General Tab

When filling in the Employee Information page, only the first and last names plus the state are required. However, it is well-advised to fill in as much information as you have for each employee.

NOTE:  If you need to change an employee's name for any reason (such as marriage) simply type over the name and click Submit.Employee_Information_General_Tab.png


Tax Data Tab

Most employees will have all Tax boxes marked except perhaps Local Taxes. Also, the majority will not use the override feature.

To generate a W2, the system must track Taxable Wages. If the Withhold Federal or State boxes are not marked, these Taxable Wages will not be tracked and no W2 will generate.

  • Mark both Withhold Federal Tax and Withhold State Tax boxes. If taxes are not taken for this employee, use the override feature discussed in the next paragraph.
  • Also important: Set the Tax Statement field under Tax Information to W-2.

When no taxes are taken: Some employees, such as Self-Employed Clergy, do not have taxes deducted from their payroll checks. If they want a W-2 form at the end of the calendar year, however, the best way to set up the Tax Data screen is to mark all the Withhold Tax Boxes (or keep them marked) and then use  0.00 in the Override field. This will accumulate taxable wages without deducting the taxes from the check. It will also automatically generate a W2 for this employee. Any employee who does not have the Withhold Tax boxes marked will not get a W2.

The IRS changed the W4 form in 2020. All new employees and any employee that is making changes to their Tax data should use the new form and the option for Post 2019 should be used.

The information filled out on the W4 form should be used to fill out the Federal tax Withholding. 


Pay DataTab

The Pay Data tab in the Employee Information screen makes use of several of the items you have likely already set up when preparing your files for the Payroll Process. For Example, all the Pay Groups you have set up will be available in the drop-down menu designated by a 1 in the screenshot below. Pay Description, designated below by a 2, must be populated by one of the Pay Items also set up in a prior step. The Gross Pay Account circled below, is an optional field in Pay Items Setup, and will populate automatically when the Pay Item is selected.  Or, if you chose not to add the Gross Pay Account when setting up the Pay Items, you may select it now from the Account drop-down menu. Note: Whichever Gross Pay Account is selected must be set up in the Account Distributions screen before Payroll may be successfully processed.

If the employee's pay is expensed over multiple accounts, please see our Help File Article on How to Add Multi-Account Distributions for Pay Data.

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