PSFS Family Directory - Member List: How to get a list of couples celebrating their wedding anniversary

How to get a list of couples celebrating their wedding anniversary


To generate an Anniversary List, click on the Family Directory Tab → Member List

From the member list page, select the Filter button to narrow our results. 

The filter box will display; navigate to the Advanced Options on the bottom of the box.

There will be an option to select Wedding Anniversary on the left side. Select that drop-down and click on the milestone you would like to generate results for. 

Note: The results will be based on the current date. If you choose 50th you will not see future 50th anniversaries on the list. You will only see results for the current month and the past 11 months.

  • Example: If you run the report in June and the 50th anniversary is in July you will not see it on the list until July.

After selecting the milestones, click the apply button. Under the Quick Reports button, click on the Wedding Anniversaries report and the report will display for all members celebrating that anniversary. 

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