PSA Payroll - Journal Entries: How payroll transactions update the general ledger

How payroll transactions update the general ledger

Note: This article does not apply to imported payroll journal entries

If you use the Payroll module, payroll transaction information is transferred to the Ledger when you close the Payroll.  You will not find a Payroll Journal Entry in the Journal Entry screen.  Payroll posts directly to the General Ledger.  This prevents the edit, void, or deletion of a Payroll transaction (without going through the Payroll module).

There are two ways to get payroll transaction information through reports:

  1. Go to Reports → Transactions → General Ledger, then filter by a custom date (the payroll date) on the configuration screen. Note: Transactions other than Payroll may also display or print.
  2. The second way is in the Payroll Module, Reports → Paycycle → Ledger Distribution.

    In the Configure Reports screen, you can select payrolls, filter by category or employee, and print the report in detail or summary format. 

    This report is the detailed version:

    This report is the summary version:



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