PSA L&P - Transactions: How to find a deleted transaction

How to find a deleted transaction

Once a transaction has been deleted, it may not be recovered. You may, however, find out details about the transaction by looking at the Audit Trail and then, if necessary, re-enter it.

To use the audit trail to find a deleted transaction, you must know something about the transaction such as the transaction number (best), or who entered it, or the date the transaction was created or deleted.

If you have the transaction number, you may search the entire audit for the transaction number. That way you can see when the transaction was created and by whom as well as specific details about the transaction.

If you do not have the transaction number but you do have the name of the person who entered it or the date it was deleted, you may find the transaction number by searching on what you do know and then search by transaction number.

Please see the article, How to audit activity in ParishSOFT Accounting to learn how to search for and find some details on transactions.





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