PSA L&P - Journal Entry: How to get permissions to create a journal entry in a closed period

How to get permissions to create a transaction in a closed period

A journal entry can be entered using a date in a closed period.

If the software does not allow you to enter a journal entry in a closed period, your permissions may be restricted. 

  • Users who are set up with Church Administrator privileges (Administrator) may enter this closed period journal entry
  • Church Users must have the option marked for Prior Period Adjustments in their permissions. (see screenshot below)
    • The Administrator or the Diocese Administrator must update the Church User's permissions to add this option.
    • If this option is not available to mark, it is because your managing organization (most likely your diocese) has restricted this option. You must contact them to do one of the following:
      1. enable the options to allow prior period adjustments
      2. open the prior period so the entry can be made
      3. make the prior period entry

To update the Prior Period Adjustments option, the Administrator must go to Church Manager → Permissions and use Quick Find to pull up the Church User's permissions profile.

If the option to mark Prior Period Adjustments is not available in the person's Permissions profile, the diocese has restricted the ability to make prior period adjustments. Contact the diocese for assistance.

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