PSG Donors - Donors: How to get a list of new ParishSOFT Giving Donors

How to get a list of new ParishSOFT Giving Donors

  1. Log in to the ParishSOFT Giving site and click on the New Donors button in the bottom right of your Dashboard. This will open up a list of the new donors signed up within the past 30 days:
  2. If you want a different date range (other than the past 30 days), click Donors in the left-hand navigation bar:
  3. On the Donors page, click the Column Picker. Select Acct. Created and then click Close.
    • A new column will be displayed on the Donors grid that shows the date the account was created.
    • This column will be on the far right and you may need to scroll to the right to see it, depending on how many columns you have selected.
    • This selection (Acct. Created) is temporary and must be re-added the next time you access the screen.
  4. If your donors are not already in the order in which their accounts were created (starting with the most recent), then simply click the column header Acct. Created until an upward arrow (for Ascending order) shows up.
  5. You can either print or export the list as needed.
    • If exported, your donors will be ordered by the date their account was created.

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