PSA Payroll - Checks: How to mark a payroll check as printed

How to mark a payroll check as printed

You may need to follow these steps if:

  • Your payroll checks printed but, you did not get the popup to mark them as printed.
  • The software has assigned a check number but continues to prompt you to print the checks.
  1. Go into Payroll → Payroll Process.
  2. Go to step 7, Print Checks; ensure all the printed checks which were not marked as printed are selected; click Submit.
  3. After verifying the check numbers and amounts match the checks that printed, click Print Selected which will bring up a PDF of the checks. printselected.jpg
  4. Close the PDF.
  5. Mark the option that says, "Yes, I clicked the Print icon and Checks(s) printed correctly." and click Submit.  



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