PSFS Family Directory - Sacraments: How to update a sacrament record to include the parish name and city

How to update a sacrament record to include the parish name and city

If an individual's sacrament record shows the name of the parish only, you can use the instructions in this article to update the record to include the name of the city where the parish is located.  This feature is particularly useful if you have parishes in your organization that have the same name. Updating the record with the city name enables you to differentiate them. Adding the city name to the record also enables you to create a sacrament certificate that shows the parish location.

    1. Click Sacraments. Select Add/Edit Sacraments to display the Sacraments page.

    2. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization List.

    3. Locate the desired sacrament record by entering filter criteria and searching your database for the member's sacrament record. To do this, complete these steps:

      • From the Sacrament menu, select the type of sacrament. For example, Baptism.

      • Type the last name of the member, maiden name (if applicable), and the first name in the filter fields provided.

      • If you know the date or the date range when the sacrament was conferred, select the Include Date Range link and then select a date or date range from the calendar. Select the Remove link to remove a date or date range from your search.

    4. Click Search.
      • If the application locates one or more sacrament records that match your filter criteria, it displays the records in the area below the filters.
      • In the following example, three baptism records match the criteria entered for the search. The records are located under the filters:
    5. To edit a specific record, click the edit button  (to the left of the record entry). The selected sacramental record is displayed in view-only mode. For example:

    6. To update the Parish field with the city location:

      • Click Edit Details to put the record in edit mode.

      • To the right of the Parish field, click the browse button  to display the Organization Search window:

      • To ensure that the sacrament record is linked to the parish location, you must add the parish name by clicking browse button  and completing the search process. The software does not allow you to copy and paste the parish name into the Parish field.

      • To locate the desired parish, type one or more search criteria in the search fields at the top of the window. Then, click Search. One or more organizations matching your search criteria are displayed at the bottom of the window.

      • Select the desired organization. Then, click Accept. The sacrament record is re-displayed. The Parish field is updated with the name and location of the organization you selected:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • If the correct parish name is displayed, click Save to update the record.
    • If the wrong parish name is displayed, repeat Step 6 to add one. Then, click Save to update the record. A message is displayed to inform you that the sacrament record was updated successfully.


  2. Click Close to exit.

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