PSA Payroll - Checks: How to print payroll checks when they are already flagged as printed but did not print

How to print payroll checks when they are already flagged as printed but did not print

In the Payroll Process, Go to Step 6 → Edit Paychecks. If there is no check number assigned and there is a delete button at the bottom of the screen, you may delete the check and then resume the process from Step 4 to print the checks.

If the check number has been assigned but when you go to step 7,  it is not showing to be printed, the software thinks it has already been printed.  If there are checks to select, proceed as usual.

To print a check that did not print but is marked as printed, the check will need to be voided and reprocessed. Go to step 6 to void the check.

If the payroll was closed a new payroll will need to be set up after voiding the check. If the payroll is still open, after voiding the check in step 6, go to step 3, Edit Timecards and proceed to process as normal. 







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