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How to export data in a sacrament record to a .csv file

This article shows you how to export data in a sacrament record to a comma-delimited (csv) file. The .csv file allows you to save the data in a table-structured format. A .csv file can be used with any spreadsheet software, such as Excel.

  1. Click Sacraments. Select Add/Edit Sacraments to display the Sacraments page.
  1. If necessary, select the organization from the Organization List.
  2. Search for the sacrament records that you want to export. To do this, complete the following:
    • From the Sacrament menu, select the type of sacrament.
    • Type the last name of the member, maiden name (if applicable), or the first name in the filter fields provided.
    • If you know the date or the date range when the sacrament was conferred, select the Include Date Range link and then select a date from the calendar. Select the Remove link to remove a date or date range from your search.
  1. Click Search. If sacrament record are located that match your filter criteria, they are listed in the grid.
  1. To export the data in the records to a .csv file, do the following:
    • Select the checkbox next to each record you want to export.
    • In the toolbar above the grid, click  (Export to CSV). The software exports the data to a file named Sacrament_List.csv and downloads the file to your computer.
  1. Open the file to view the exported data. The data fields in export file match one-to-one with the fields in the sacramental certificate.


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