PSFS Family Directory - Family List: How to move an adult child who is registered under his family under another parish into yours as head-of-household

How to move an adult child who is registered under his family with another parish into yours as head-of-household

  1. Advise your new member to obtain his contribution statement from the church from which he is transferring.
  2. Find out the full name of the head-of-household and parish under which this adult child's family is registered.
  3. Use the 'Add New Family' button to add a copy of this family record into your church's data set. Add the family as un-registered.
  4. Export the adult child's record from this copy of the family record. It will default to a new family record in which the adult child is a registered, active, head-of-household member.
    • All of the sacramental records will follow the member to the new church
    • The original church will retain a copy of this member's records with the following attributes:
      • This person will no longer be in the original family record but will be the head-of-household in their own family record
      • The record will show the member as inactive and non-registered
      • All of the religious education records and giving records stay with the first church
      • The original record in the former church will continue to keep all of the contribution records for this person. This cannot be transferred for several reasons: 1) these are records of contributions to the former church and 2) the new church does not have the same funds, etc.
  5. Delete the copy of the un-registered family record.
  6. As a courtesy, inform the former church of this move.


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