PSA L&P - Reports: How to configure the Account Balance Report

How to configure the Account Balance Report

Reports → Accounts → Account Balance

Date Range

The date range options are related to the current open period, not the calendar date. The current accounting period is shown in the upper right corner of your ParishSOFT Accounting screen. If the open period date is March (as shown below) and the current date is April, choosing This Month will report for March, not April. To get a report for April you would need to choose next month or enter a custom date range. 


Although some reports will allow you to choose multiple accounts, the Account Balance Report will only allow you to process one account at a time.

  • Clicking the Select Account By: link will allow you to use different ways to find the account. If you don't know the Account Code you can search by Description or Shortcut.  



Preview Report or View PDF

Once the report is displayed to your screen, clicking on an amount will allow you to drill down to the original transaction. 



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