PSA Payroll - Reports: How to print a retirement report

How to print a retirement report 

If you have already run the Retirement Wages report as outlined below, but did not get the data you expected, it may be because your deduction/benefit is not coded correctly. Click here to learn how to update the deduction/benefits to ensure they print on this report.

Go to Reports → Paycycle → Retirement Wages.

Make your selections then, either Preview or View PDF.

Here is an example of how the report will look.

If the report renders no data or less data than you expect, please see the next section in this article to ensure your retirement benefits are set up correctly.   


How to set up your retirement deduction/benefits to ensure they print on the retirement report

If the report is not showing any information, then you will need to set up the deduction/benefit item as retirement.

  1. Go to Payroll → Setup
  2. Click on Deduction/Benefit List
  3. Select the retirement Deduction/Benefit in the list and click Go.
  4. In the Category Field, click the drop-down list, and select either Retire and Tax Def or Retire.

Once the Deduction/Benefit item is properly set up as a retirement item you can preview the report to see the information that you want. 




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