PSA L&P - Bills: How to void a bill in a closed period

How to void a bill in a closed period 

In Accrual Accounting, an unpaid bill that needs to be removed can be deleted if it is in an open accounting period. If the bill is in a closed period, you will only have the option to void the bill. Voiding a bill will create a journal entry reversing the original transaction.

In the Cash Method of Accounting, bills can be deleted (provided you have delete permissions) regardless of when it was created. NOTE: Partially paid bills can't be voided or deleted regardless of the accounting method.

The software will not allow a void date prior to the current accounting period. To get the void date to be the same as the original bill date, void the bill in the current period then edit the voiding journal entry date to the date of the original bill.

Note, the accepted practice is to void the unpaid bill in an open accounting month only. Please check with your governing body to determine if backdating a voiding journal is acceptable. You also need to have the role of Church Administrator in order to backdate a journal into a closed accounting period.




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