PSA Payroll - Startup totals: How to enter former employee start-up totals (for mid-year non-conversion start-ups)

How to enter former employee start-up totals for mid-year non-conversion start-ups

If you started using ParishSOFT Accounting, Payroll in the middle of a calendar year, you must enter start-up totals for former employees who received paychecks the first part of the year.

Set up the employee's record so they receive a W-2

For the employee to get a W2, you must:

  1. Add the employee record
  2. Ensure the Tax Data tab has W-2 under Tax StatementA
  3. Ensure there is at least one Pay Description item listed in Employee Information, Pay DataB.


Add the start-up totals

Once the Employee record has been set up, add the start-up totals. To do so, go to  Payroll, Setup, Start-Up Employee Totals and select the Employee’s name.

Enter the start-up totals for the employee for the pertinent categories. This will be the summary total of each category for the year-to-date wages from your prior system. You will also need to fill in the total Gross Wages in each category shown at the top of the screen. For more details on entering these totals, please see the article, How to enter employee start-up totals.

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